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BOTOX for Migraines - Injections for Migraine Headaches

Since 1989 BOTOX was being used in aesthetic medicine and for the treatment of specific muscles disorders.

Like other discoveries in medicine, the effect of BOTOX in preventing migraines came about accidentally. Several patients who also happened to have migraines reported that their migraines improved following the injection of BOTOX into forehead and brow muscles. Ever since, there were many studies documenting the beneficial effect of BOTOX in migraines. People with migraines have got other muscles triggering the migraine attack, beside those of forehead. Temporal and neck muscles are also injected in addition to those injected for cosmetic purposes. Since the beginning of its use BOTOX had a remarkable good safety record. The side effect profile of BOTOX is better than other migraine profilactic agents.

The decision to use BOTOX should be based on a discussion with your physician. Failure to respond to standard migraine preventatives or side effects from them should be an important consideration. Similar to BOTOX Cosmetic, the treatment with BOTOX for Migraines should be repeated every 3-6 months.

The cost of this treatment should be weight versus the cost of headache treatment during this time. The best candidate for BOTOX treatment are patients with severe and frequent attacks of migraine even after their medical treatment has been optimized by their family physician and neurologist. This has been also supported by names of reference in the treatment of migraine like Dr. Sian Spacey, Assistant Professor in Neurology at University of British Columbia (2006 St.Paul's Hospital, CME Conference).

Winmed Laser Clinic is offering BOTOX Treatment for Migraines at special rates comparing to BOTOX Cosmetic.

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