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How do I prepare for Botox Cosmetic™ injections?


The day of your consultation

Winmed offers a FREE initial consultation with one of our physicians in order to discuss your Botox Cosmetic™ treatment plan and to review any other aesthetic or cosmetic concerns. If you wish to have an injection on the same day of your consultation, please inform our receptionist at the time of booking and we will be happy to accommodate this request.

Try to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment so that you can start filling out the forms we use to help with the consultation.

During the consultation, our physician will review your medical history and discuss your expectations for treatment. We will review if you have any allergies or any condition that might prevent us from treating you with Botox™.

Before the Procedure

After a full discussion of your expectations and a review of the benefits and risks of Botox Cosmetic™, we will ask you to review a brief informed consent form and then we will proceed to the procedure. You will be seated in a comfortable reclining cosmetics chair. No anesthesia is required.

The Procedure

Our physician will determine precisely where to inject the Botox Cosmetic™ to achieve the best results. The entire injection procedure takes from 10 – 20 minutes.

After the Procedure

There is no down-time. Nearly everyone is able to return to normal activities or work right after the treatment. Within days, your results will begin to show and the wrinkles will soften and disappear. Results may vary.

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