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Restylane® and Teosyal® gives you the ability to tailor your own image

Safe, easy and immediate, Restylane® lets you define yourself on your own terms. Studies have shown that the average treatment results last about six months. Our unique NASHA™ technology helps maintain the cosmetic effect until the injected material is nearly gone. Individual results may vary.

  • FOREHEAD - Ease the horizontal lines across your forehead, as well as the vertical lines between your eyebrows.
  • EYES - Smooth away the fine, superficial lines in your eye area. Restylane can also give an eyebrow lift and fill hollows under the eyes-creating a less tired, more youthful appearance.
  • CHEEK - Cheek contours were achieved after usage of two Restylane SubQ™ 2 mL syringes. Individual results may vary.
  • LIPS - Minimize the vertical smile lines between your nose and mouth. Add plumpness to your lips—sculpting the lip line with precision.
  • SMILE LINES - Reduction of the nose-to-mouth lines was achieved after usage of two Restylane 1 mL syringes. Individual results may vary.
  • MALE NASOLABIAL FOLD - Improvement of deep nasolabial folds (smile lines) after Restylane treatment.
  • CHIN - Better projection of the chin was achieved after usage of one Restylane SubQ™ 2mL syringe. Individual results may vary. Augment chin volume to provide better contour.
  • EARLOBE - Restores volume loss due to aging.
  • MELO FOLD - Improvement of melolabial folds after Restylane treatment.
  • SCAR - Smoothing of depressed scars (such as chicken pox scars).
  • NOSE SCAR - Smoothing of depressed scars (such as chicken pox scars).
  • TEAR TROUGH - Correction of depression/dark shadows under the eye.
  • FULL FACE - Improvement of overall appearance after Restylane treatments in multiple areas on the face.

Teosyal®, a complete range of anti-ageing injectable hyaluronic acid based products.

With Teosyal®, Teoxane Laboratories have developed and created a completely new range of anti-ageing products, which enables doctors to treat wrinkles, cutaneous depressions, to correct facial contour defects and also to revitalise the dermis under the best conditions.

The Teosyal® range consists of  five monophasic hyaluronic acid based products of non-animal origin, which are highly biocompatible, offering patients immediate and long-lasting results with no preliminary testing.

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